Attack on Titan last checked in with its audience a few months ago, but it won't be long before the show returns. Now that the manga is finished, Studio MAPPA can finish adapting the illustrious work of Hajime Isayama. After the new year, Eren intends to return to television in a final effort to prevent the annihilation of Eldia. And now, a fresh poster has provided us with our first glimpse at the series finale arc.

The poster's artwork depicts Eren yeager at his most Deadly Destructive form, as you can see in latest poster issued by mappa. The celebrity may be seen in his Attack Titan form, but honestly? Eren has never appeared that cooler. who will lead a worldwide extermination campaign, and Eren's childhood friends are obviously not going to stand by and let him eliminate others without a fight.

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What to Expect From Part 3 Of Final Season ?

During the Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 3 special event, it was confirmed that this would be the anime's final season. While this may hint that there is some type of plan beyond the final episodes, for the time being, this is being considered as the series' "conclusion," as many fans had expected given how the second half of the season finished. More importantly, no voice recording work had allegedly been performed as of the occurrence.

According to internet sources, the voice actors in attendance claimed that they had still to record for the final episodes. This indicates that the series will be released considerably later than the hoped-for Winter 2023 anime timeframe, although it may not be that much longer. This might be a Spring or Summer 2023 release, but if this is the last chapter (with some of the most memorable scenes from the manga), we could wind up with a Fall 2023 release with everything finalised.

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