The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc of Bleach lost no time in pitting Ichigo and his comrades against the malevolent organisation that will be the greatest threat to the Soul Society in the Wandenreich. With the first episode reintroducing fans to the shonen world that has been missing from the small screen for years, Bleach's official website has released a new peek at the second episode, which will continue the Blood War and will undoubtedly present new problems to Ichigo and company.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Release Date, Plot, Trailer & Everything We Know So Far


The Thousand Year Blood War Arc took no time in demonstrating how frightening the Wandenreich might be, with the Quincy Clan branch making their presence known both in front of Ichigo and the leader of the Soul Society. The Soul Society is struggling with the scary knowledge that the new enemies have the capacity to erase Bankais totally, with Kurosaki taking on the villain known as Ebern in the season opener. With the Bankai talent being a vital weapon for every Shinigami, Ichigo and company will need to think outside the box in order to defeat these new foes with links to the hereafter.


Team Ichigo Kurosaki


The Official Bleach Website shared a handful of new images showing off the returning heroes, as well as the new villains, that make up the anime's return, as the Thousand Year Blood War Arc will release over fifty episodes overall and include some of the series' biggest moments to date.


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